An Afternoon of Festive Wreathing and Feasting

We spent a tactile afternoon getting our hands and fingers busy with creating a whimsical interpretation of the classic Christmas wreath with dried grasses. It was an afternoon of exploration and discovery as our guests explored their creative sides and had a little laugh along the way. Scroll more to get inspired for activities to do during your own upcoming Christmas party! 

Guided by Nicole from In The Name of Flowers, the session lasted just an hour. Only 4 items needed to make the wreaths - a gold ring, pliable wire, a wire cutter and dried grasses of your choice - the more variations, the more texture and interest your piece has! 

The materials were gathered on the table as part of the decor, and our guests were given the freedom to select any of the flowers of the grasses available without holding back. (Creative) chaos ensued!

Begin by arranging the largest and most voluminous grasses first to the frame your wreath, in this case, it was the pampas. Smaller grasses were added on to add detail and contrast to the designs.

Laughs all around with of guests, Beatrice (@beatriceleesn) and Kimberly (@chankimberly)

Taking a step is always a good way to see your creation from another perspective.

The final results! It's lovely to see how dramatically different the shapes of each wreath were when seen through the eyes of a different creator. 

After working their hands and fingers, our guests put their digits to good use again - with a stunning grazing platter from Lush Platters filled with a generous amount of fresh cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and dips to decompress and reward themselves for the hard work.

As Christmas draws closer, we are thankful for all the support this year. Having launched our demi-fine line, A Little Less last year and having a full year to fully introduce it to you, our customer. We're so excited by all the possibilities and the wonderful collaborations that have come our way, and we will keep working on to keep you excited and inspired about making accessorising part of your lifestyle. Have a happy end of 2020, and see you ladies next year!

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