Collaborations: Nailing It with Eugenia from Nodspark

We caught up with Eugenia, Founder of Nodspark, one of Singapore's first brands to bring nail wraps into the mainstream consciousness with their fuss free proposition of getting your nails done in unique patterns - without the hours spent in the salon. Taking only 10 minutes to apply these sticker-esque inventions, the ease of use and fun designs have helped the business grow rapidly in the past few years it's been around.

We've worked together with Nodspark for a collaboration with The Ordinary Co in the celebration of our 6th anniversary in the form of a limited edition Nodspark x The Ordinary Co Nail Wraps, grounded in neutrals and flecks of gold, inspired by our new box design and the metallics of jewelry.

Eugenia herself being a customer of The Ordinary Co, is a big believer that it's all in the details, and shares more with us why she thinks nails and jewelry have such a great synergy!

Which are your favourite kinds of jewelry to wear?

I LOVE everything in the 'A Little Less' collection, especially the earrings! Quality studs have a good weight and a solid backing, which I appreciate. I found myself reaching for smaller earrings during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period as I had to run after my kids at home, yet still wanted something on my ears. I was constantly wearing the silver Dimensions Earrings during those WFH months!

Why did you start Nodspark? Is this your first venture?

I started Nodspark because I saw the potential in nail polish wraps and how it matched to our demographics perfectly. Prior to Nodspark, I also run a business that retails quality products for the modern seniors called Haf Box Pte Ltd and distributes fashionable walking canes known as Cane Art, our in-house local brand.

Have you always been interested in doing your nails?

While I wasn't never big on nail art, simply because of the time required, and they are rather pricey, I enjoyed having my nails painted! I envied ladies who had their nails done all the time as they looked so put together effortlessly. Hence, was very passionate about developing and educating users in Singapore about nail wraps, so that more ladies can enjoy getting their nails done with minimum effort.

I think the synergies with nails and jewelry is how something so small, that makes the difference between an A and an A+ look.

Tell us about the design process behind each nail wrap, and how long it takes from an idea to bloom to fruitition!

The process can be as fast as 4 days, to a few months, depending on what we're experimenting with, or how simple the design or concept is. We always come up with a mood board to help us execute the concept more accurately. We choose the style, followed by the details, then we add in the colours, and move things around if necessary. We have also come up with plenty of designs that never made the cut to production- but that's part and parcel of what we do as we only want to offer the best of designs that we are proud of to our community.

What general plans do you have to take Nodspark to the next level?

We are always on the look out for opportunities overseas, so look out for that!

Nails or clothes first?

Nails first, always! Makes choosing my outfit a lot easier!

What do you do when you and your team get stuck in a creative rut?

We listen to music, go for a walk, or watch some Netflix to wash our eyes and minds a little!

Tips for aspiring local entrepreneurs?

Always stay humble and open to reaching out for opportunities. If you don't ask, you never know what doors you might be closing for yourself!

Shop the Nodspark x The Ordinary Co Nail Wraps here while stocks last

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